Claiming SSDI benefits for adult disabled children

Residents in Essex County, New Jersey, with adult children that are disabled face many challenges to help ensure that their children are properly cared for. The financial strain of doing so can be great, making the need for assistance real in a great many situations. For many families, the option to claim Social Security Disability benefits exists and may provide the help that makes the difference.

What are the Requirements to Claim SSDI for Adult Children?

In order to ensure your eligibility to receive disability income for an adult child, you must meet certain criteria. The parameters in some cases are clear but in others require care to ensure documentation can adequately support the claim.

The basic guidelines for filing for SSDI on behalf of your adult child include:

  • The child on whose behalf the claim is made must have reached his or her eighteenth birthday.
  • The child's disability needs to have been properly diagnosed by the time he or she reached 22 years of age.
  • Claims for a married adult child will only be accepted if the marriage is to another adult with a condition of equal or greater disability.
  • The adult child is permitted to hold a job but cannot earn more money than is received from the disability benefit.
  • The parents who file the claim must have earned the benefit themselves.

There are many different conditions and situations which can qualify for a legitimate disability diagnosis. Some are clearly identified on a predefined list of accepted disabilities while others may not be. It is important to note that benefits may well be available even for conditions not on the standard disability list.

Helping Your Adult Child Work Through Disability

The importance of work for an adult disabled person is legitimate and the government recognizes that and accounts for that within the confines of receiving Social Security Disability income.

The total amount of money that can be earned can be calculated to accommodate for any costs incurred with getting to and from a place of employment, allowing for those costs to be deducted from the total allowed.

Documentation Is Key

Providing thorough and proper documentation when submitting any claim for Social Security Disability is critical to having a claim approved. Thorough medical records that detail the disability, its onset, any treatments tried whether successful or otherwise and more will all be needed.

Because of the complex nature of some medical conditions and the forms involved in filing a benefit claim, it is advisable to seek assistance from an attorney who works in this area and knows the laws and process.