Long-Term Disability & Denial of Claims

Many employers offer long-term disability coverage as part of their benefits package. This means that if you are disabled or injured for a period longer than short-term disability (usually more than three or four months), you would start receiving benefits under the long-term disability policy. This amount is usually fairly close to what you would have been receiving in salary or wages.

Qualifying Factors For Long-Term Disability Insurance

To qualify for these benefits, you must prove that you are disabled and unable to work. Depending on your policy, you may have to prove that you are either totally disabled (unable to work any job) or partially disabled (unable to work your previous job, but able to get a job of some fashion).

You will need to get a doctor's evaluation, opinion and the full line of test results and medical documentation to prove your disability. It is also critical that you continue treatment throughout the time that you are seeking long-term disability and after you are approved.

There are other criteria that must be met to be eligible for these benefits, including having worked full time at the time of the injury, having completed the waiting period to be classified as "long-term," no ineligible pre-existing conditions and no other medical conditions that would cause you to be disqualified.

Long-term disability usually goes hand-in-hand with Social Security Disability and many times your insurance company will require you to seek those benefits in tandem with your LTD policy.

Denied Long-Term Disability Claims — You Have Options

It is not uncommon, however, for workers to be denied a long-term disability claim. Insurance companies can sometimes find a reason for which they think they can deny the claim. Without the guidance and representation of an experienced workers' compensation and disability lawyer, you may be left out in the cold, despite the fact that your claim should be approved.

At Levine Law, LLC, our attorneys are experienced in making sure that our clients are paid the full amount of compensation they deserve for their long-term disability policies. We will thoroughly investigate your claim and your medical documentation to assemble a case that will hold the insurance company accountable for what you are due.

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