Are Chronic Back Problems Making It Impossible to Work?

Chronic back problems resulting from muscle injuries or damage to the spinal column often leave the victim disabled by serious pain, lack of mobility and neurological problems. A diagnosed medical condition such as spondylitis, a herniated disc, or spinal stenosis, with associated symptoms, may result in a permanent disability.

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If you are suffering chronic back pain that affects your ability to perform your job, you may qualify for benefits through Social Security Disability. Attorney Pamela Levine has helped hundreds of people obtain the money benefits they need when they can no longer work because of back problems.

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"I understand the frustration of fighting to have your SSDI or SSI claim approved. Back pain isn't something that other people can see or feel. I really care about helping you get the benefits you need when you can no longer work. I promise to be compassionate about your circumstances and work aggressively to do everything possible." — Pamela Levine

In addition to back pain, I am ready to help you file a claim for diagnosed medical conditions such as:

When to File

Under rules of the system, you typically will not qualify for SSDI or SSI payments unless you have a condition that has lasted or is expected to last for over a year. Do not wait for a year to pass before filing your application.

Some companies that assist people with Social Security Disability issues use nonlawyers whose fees are the same as a lawyer's. At Levine Law, LLC, you will always work with a lawyer. Contact me right away to schedule a free consultation. I have been helping people receive SSDI and SSI benefits for two decades. I am truly on your side.