Are You Out of Work Because of a Serious Spinal Disease?

Ankylosing spondylitis used to be commonly known as Bechterew's disease. It is a serious type of arthritis that affects the autoimmune system and inflames the sacroiliac, vertebrae and other areas of the spine. The symptoms typically include chronic back pain, immobility and neurological disorders making it impossible to function normally.

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If you are out of work because of spondylitis or other inflammation of the spinal column or vertebrae, Levine Law, LLC, is ready to help you get the Social Security benefits you and your family need. I have been working in the field of Social Security claims for over two decades. I understand the symptoms of your disability, and I know how to prepare your case for the administrative hearing.

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In addition to spondylitis and other back problems, I am ready to help you file a claim for diagnosed medical conditions such as:

What Are the Rules?

Typically, in order to qualify for SSDI benefits unless you have a condition that has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year. Do not wait for a year to pass before filing your application.

Contact me right away. At Levine Law, LLC, you are more than a claim file. You are a person with a real medical condition. I work with clients throughout the country, including New Jersey and the New York City metro region. Some companies that assist people with Social Security Disability issues use nonlawyers whose fees are the same as a lawyer's. At Levine Law, LLC, you will always work with a lawyer.