Client Testimonials

"Odds are against those seeking disability benefits — especially if the disability is not physical. I think the chances of winning are between 30 and 40 percent. Pamela Levine took up my Social Security Disability case after I was dropped by a lawyer who had misgivings about my "winnability." My disability is invisible — it relates to panic disorder and a multitude of other symptoms that have to be very articulately explained so the magnitude of their devastation on my ability to work — (I have a Masters Degree and am a former high school teacher and newspaper reporter) — is clear to the judge. Well, before I even met him, the judge told Pamela Levine she had won him over with her initial presentation (!), and so my interview with him, while emotional, was pro forma. I could hardly believe it. I told her I wished I could give her more than the amount she received (it was capped, as attorney's fees are in SS cases) so the least I can do is give an honest testimonial about how hard she works, how she was unfazed by unattractive aspects of my case, and how she worked closely with my medical advocates to basically throw a "nothing-but-net" three pointer. As a result, two years later, my symptoms have abated considerably now that poverty is not there to exacerbate them. I am closer, I think, to the day when I can get back to a full-time job and fulfilling my long-term career goals. That is, after all, what the safety net is for. It was hard for me to accept the idea of living (mostly, as I do work) on government money — but I did pay into the system, and Pamela Levine has made sure I got a generous (all things considered) settlement, putting an end to three years of abject poverty and quasi-starvation. Also, as her Web site says, she is compassionate considering — and this is not a dig at the profession — she is a lawyer, who are often trained to maintain a healthy emotional distance from their clients, who may mistake them for counselors or doctors. I regret having projected a lot of that on her myself, but she never complained. To have Pamela Levine on your side is — to continue the sports metaphors — like having Vince Lombardi coaching your football team. I am still very grateful to her. Lastly, she was happy to travel hundreds of miles to New York from her office."

Matthew W., Brooktondale, NY

"I just happened to pick Pamela from the yellow pages and boy did I get super lucky. She is well-informed on current disability laws and requirements. She kept me up to date on every aspect of my case and was able to predict with accuracy the next step that was going to take place. I would recommend her to anyone in a hot minute. "

Sue M., Keyport, NJ

"I worked with Pamela Levine for over 10 years. She always exceptional professionalism in terms of knowledge, preparation and reliability. Now that we do not work together I continue to use her services for representation of my clients with Social Security claims in her area and recommend her to others when they ask me for a Social Security attorney to refer their clients to. I have never had to regret referring them to M. Levine."

Renato B., Kingwood, TX

"Pamela Levine was an outstanding advocate during our recent claim with Social Security. Extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, Pamela provided timely communication during the process to us, as well as vital communication with SS representatives. All phone calls/emails and questions were answered promptly and clearly; all deadlines were met and Pamela generally provided a high level of expertise which I am certain translated into a clear understanding of the facts by SS representatives. Just as important, Pamela did not over-promise results or a successful outcome; however, with results the determining measure of performance, Pamela Levine excelled."

Jack S., Seaville, NJ

"Pamela Levine was recommended to me by an Attorney from NY. Since I had moved, I needed an Attorney in NJ to assist me with Social Security Disability. Pamela is knowledgeable and thorough. She answered my many questions and was extremely patient as we reviewed my case history, and I completed the various necessary applications. She always responded to phone calls and emails promptly and has a very kind demeanor. I was truly impressed and satisfied with her work."

Regina H., Little Egg Harbor, NJ

"I have and will continue recommending Pam Levine to anyone having difficulties with health and needing a confident, talented and warm attorney with great knowledge of her field of law."

Lynn O., Midlothian, IL

"Pamela Levine helped me through the complex and often confusing process of filing for disability. She is extremely compassionate, patient and most professional. She was by my side every step of the way. Because of her persistence and patience, I had a very successful outcome to my case. I highly recommend her and her firm."

S.M., Bayonne, New Jersey

"Pamela S. Levine, Esq. understands that each disability case is unique and draws on her extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through the application process and beyond."

David W., Emerson, New Jersey

"Thank you for being there in the difficult times of filing my claim and fast response to answer my questions. It was a pleasure to work with you. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who would benefit from your services."

John S., Rixeyville, Virginia

"It is more personal with you. I didn't feel like I was one of hundreds of your client base. I refer you to everyone I know that is having problems with applying on their own, and even people that are just beginning. I hope you will be around for a long time. You stand out from all the rest!"

Sue S., Union Beach, New Jersey

"I found you to be very helpful and knowledgeable with the laws, and you always returned my calls and kept me up-to-date on what was happening with my case."

Jeremy O., Grant Park, Illinois

"Thank you for all you have done for me."

Tyisha K., Newark, New Jersey

"Pamela helped me receive my Social Security Disability in record time because it was done right the first time. Though I never met Pamela, she has always answered all questions."

Daniel B., Wake Forest, North Carolina