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Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability around the world

Although our blog really only talks about disability in New Jersey and the United States, countries all over the world have their own populations of people with disabilities. Some countries have disability benefits that are similar to ours, but others have vastly different or no benefits at all. What is interesting, however, is that low back pain is a leading cause of disability around the world. When compared to 290 other conditions, low back pain was the number one condition for years lost to disability.

It may seem odd that something like low back pain would be the top cause of disability, especially with the relative ease that someone can develop back pain. Because so many people have low back pain, however, it may be a condition that the Social Security Administration is somewhat skeptical of. Not only does an individual need to show that he or she has low back pain, but that this pain prevents him or her from working. Collecting sufficient evidence about the condition will help to avoid delays in processing an application for disability benefits.

Fortunately, a recent study has shown that the U.S. is not in the region with the highest number of low back pain sufferers. The region that tops the list is Western Europe. This does not mean that low back pain is not a serious problem here, however, as an estimated one in 10 people have low back pain.

Regardless of the injury, medical condition or illness that is preventing someone from working, if the condition is indeed disabling, the individual should consult a disability law attorney to learn more about applying for benefits.

Source: Medical News Today, "Global burden of disability highest for low back pain," March 25, 2014

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