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May 2014 Archives

Doctors may be on track to better detect and treat schizophrenia

There is still a lot we don't know about mental illness, including why some conditions develop in the first place. According to a new study by the Columbia University Medical Center, however, we may be one step closer to understanding why certain people are predisposed to schizophrenia, a serious disorder that can make it very difficult to work.

Supplemental Security Income is safe from wage garnishment

While many of the people in Montclair receive disability benefits after they can no longer return to their jobs after suffering a life-changing injury or illness, there are others who have never been able to work because of a medical condition. Whether it is because they were born with a condition that prevented them from working or they were injured or fell ill as children, there is a certain group of people who are unable to claim Social Security disability insurance benefits.

Study: marijuana more effective than approved fibromyalgia drugs

Nearly all of us feel physical pain at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is relatively minor like overworked muscles. Sometimes it is much more serious, like a broken bone or a slipped disc. When we experience serious enough pain, most of us take a few days off, recover and go back to work. What about those living with chronic pain, those for whom there are not enough sick days to cover their pain?

New Jersey residents may lack access to mental health care

When people have a pressing health condition, they're probably inclined to visit a medical professional. Just as individuals rely on physicians for a physical illness, people with a mental illness rely on having access to a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist to maintain -- or regain -- health.

Brain injury may mean a lifetime of recovery

No one should be surprised that brain injuries can be serious; it is, after all, your brain that is primarily responsible for keeping you alive. What many people in Morristown may not realize, however, is that when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, he or she could spend a lifetime recovering but never return to where he or she was before the injury. For some, brain injuries are something to cope with; for others, they are a disabling injury that robs them of their ability to earn a living for themselves.

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