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Brain injury may mean a lifetime of recovery

No one should be surprised that brain injuries can be serious; it is, after all, your brain that is primarily responsible for keeping you alive. What many people in Morristown may not realize, however, is that when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, he or she could spend a lifetime recovering but never return to where he or she was before the injury. For some, brain injuries are something to cope with; for others, they are a disabling injury that robs them of their ability to earn a living for themselves.

Not only can a brain injury affect someone's mental health, but it can also cause seizures, problems with speech, paralysis and vision problems. Moreover, some of these conditions may not show up until years after the incident.

While many of the physical effects of a brain injury may make it difficult to work, the havoc it wreaks on a person's social skills may be even worse. Many people with traumatic brain injuries have limited, poor or no impulse control. Others grow impatient, forgetful or develop anger issues. Trying to hold down a job with these great physical and social changes is sometimes impossible.

Of course, there are some who are able to work while recovering from a brain injury, but those who are not may be forced to rely on disability benefits to survive. Even though some people's brain injuries can be linked back to another person's negligence and, thus, give cause for a personal injury lawsuit, many other brain injuries are accidental. For these people, disability benefits may be the only source of income available.

Source: The St. Augustine Record, "Support for individuals with traumatic brain injury," March 27, 2014

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