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July 2014 Archives

Genetic researchers kick-start schizophrenia research

There is no doubt that there is a specific stigma and a general misunderstanding surrounding mental illness, but one of the most important ways to diagnose, treat and potentially prevent mental illness is by engaging in discussions about it and turning to science to better understand it.

Senator has optimistic plan to expand Social Security disability

Many Americans are looking at a dire future for our nation's Social Security disability system, which so many disabled Americans depend on in order to pay for their living expenses every month. However, one politician has an idea that rather than cutting Social Security disability benefits actually involves expanding them.

The interesting tie between chronic pain and depression

For many medical conditions, there is clear evidence that either supports or disproves a diagnosis. If someone has cancer, for example, doctors can run tests and find cancer cells. If someone becomes paralyzed, doctors can run tests and find damage to the spinal cord. When someone is in pain, there aren't always tests available that confirm or deny that someone is feeling pain. Even if there are physical signs of pain, it isn't always clear just how much pain a person is feeling. Perhaps this is one the reasons why some people doubt others' claims of chronic pain.

For some with disabilities, employment comes with technology help

Many of the stories that our blog has covered have been about individuals who are no longer able to work because of an accident, injury or illness. Other stories have been about people who were born with disabilities and have never been able to work. Of course, this is one side of the disability story -- the one where someone's medical condition is so pervasive that it prevents him or her from being able to hold down a steady job. For these people, disability benefits make sense.

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