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September 2014 Archives

Understanding SSI Supplemental Security Income for Children

When most people think about social security benefits, they likely think about elderly or disabled adults. However, there are benefits available through the SSI supplemental security income program for the parents or caretakers of disabled children, as well, due to the financial demands the disability generally places on parents or caretakers.

Social security disability payments affected by student debt

For most New Jersey residents, their employment is their primary source of income. The majority of people do not have trust funds and are not so independently wealthy so as to make working optional. When an individual loses the ability to work due to an illness or injury, the effects of that loss of income can be devastating. Fortunately, social security disability provides financial benefits for those who have an inability to work as a result of certain qualifying conditions. However, many people may not realize that there are various things that can affect the benefits received.

If you have a disabling illness, we can help

When New Jersey residents think about social security disability, many of them probably think that benefits are only available for those who become disabled due to an injury. However, the reality is that social security disability for illness provides financial assistance for individuals who can no longer work due to a range of qualifying illnesses.

Annual statements will provide information on SSDI benefits

It is impossible to know what the future holds. New Jersey residents do not know if they will suffer an injury or illness in the future that will prevent them from working and earning a living. Many people rely on insurance and programs like social security disability to provide for their daily needs if they are no longer able to work. The system of social security disability can be complex, however. Understanding how it works makes people better prepared for the future.

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