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Report on veterans receiving SSD benefits for injury

Some jobs are inherently dangerous. Some people do these jobs out of necessity, while others feel called to perform that kind of work. Men and women serving in the military and Armed Forces are one group of individuals performing dangerous work, often at great risk to themselves. After their service, many face a need for long-term care or experience an inability to work as a result of injuries sustained while on service. Social Security disability for injuries provides protection for veterans injured during their service, as well as for other types of employees outside of the military.

A recent report published by the Government Accountability Office looked at the benefits received by veterans of the Armed Service. The report indicated that many veterans are eligible for a number of different types of benefits provided by the military and the U.S. government. According to the report, approximately 60,000 veterans receive all three types of benefits for which they are eligible: Social Security disability, Veterans Affairs disability, and military retirement pay. These benefits totaled more than $3.5 billion in 2013. The report noted that the majority of the veterans receiving these multiple benefits suffer from severe disabilities. The military retirement pay was earned by service members for the years they spent serving in the military, while the disability benefits relate to disabilities caused by injuries while serving.

The report from the Government Accountability Office illustrates the need for disability benefits after a person suffers an injury that prevents him or her from continuing to work. Although those serving in the military may face a greater daily risk of being harmed or suffering an injury while on the job, the reality is that any employee can suffer an injury that causes an inability to work.

Because the applications for disability benefits are reviewed by actual people, it is important to present a compelling story and put a face behind the details on the application page. While it is important to outline the injury and carefully provide the required facts and figures, the human dynamic cannot be ignored. Working with an experienced attorney can help injured New Jersey residents determine if they qualify for benefits and begin the application process as quickly as possible to minimize the time without that critical income.

Source: Fox News, "Triple dippers: 60,000 veterans collect disability benefits, Social Security, retirement pay," Nov. 1, 2014

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