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We help those suffering from qualifying mental conditions

Many people are familiar with Social Security Disability benefits. However, it is less commonly known that disability benefits are available from the Social Security Administration for qualifying mental conditions. People suffering from a range of different mental conditions should be aware that the Social Security Disability program does provide benefits when an applicant can demonstrate a psychological or behavioral disorder that results in an impairment on their ability to perform job responsibilities.

If you are suffering from a mental condition that affects your ability to hold a job or perform your job duties safely and accurately, we can help you identify if you have a qualifying mental condition that could enable you to receive benefits. Examples of qualifying conditions or disorders include major clinic depression, schizophrenia, severe phobias related to job requirements, PTSD and OCD.

Filing an effective claim for disability benefits based on a mental condition requires more than simply providing evidence that you have been diagnosed with a certain condition or disorder. The SSD application process requires a detailed medical evaluation, as well as other evidence relating to how the condition affects your ability to work. The process can be lengthy and time-consuming, so we advise you to begin the process of applying for benefits and collecting the necessary documentation as soon as you realize that you are having problems at work due to your mental condition.

Although a denied application is not the end of the road, it is generally easier for applicants and allows them to begin receiving benefits more quickly if their initial application is approved. Our firm is experienced with the process of applying for benefits and will help guide you through the steps and prepare you for the administrative hearing to give you the best chance of success from the outset. You do not have to worry about legal fees initially because we do not charge our clients unless they are successful in obtaining the benefits for which we help them apply. If you are interested in how we can help you, please visit our mental illness web page.

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