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December 2014 Archives

House report addresses Social Security disability system

SSD benefits are generally highly important to the New Jersey residents who become disabled and need the income to make ends up. Unfortunately, having a claim for Social security disability approved is not guaranteed, and many people have to go through several steps-that can sometimes take years-before their benefits are approved. This lengthy adjudication process and the high number of initially denied claims is one of the key problems with the SSD system. An additional problem is the constant worry that the funds will soon run out.

Can heart disease qualify a person for SSD benefits?

A sudden unexpected illness can wreak havoc on a person's health, confidence, personal relationships and ability to earn a living. Without an ability to work and earn a living, it can become very difficult for people to meet their daily needs or adequately care for their health. Fortunately, there is social security disability for illness and benefits are available for a wide range of illnesses and conditions, including heart disease.

We can help those suffering from a mental illness

Dealing with a mental illness can be very challenging and isolating. Despite improvements in mental health care over the years, the reality is that many people still do not understand mental illness. Many mental illnesses go unrecognized or undiagnosed. In other situations, people fail to understand how significantly a mental illness can affect one's ability to function day to day. Mental illness often has a profound impact on personal relationships, overall health, and even a person's ability to do their job.

Continuing eligibility for SSI benefits

The Social Security Administration provides benefits for a range of different individuals with financial needs. Although retired and elderly individuals are the people most commonly recognized as receiving benefits from the SSA, disabled individuals with the requisite work history and disabled or blind individuals with limited income and resources also have access to benefits provided by the SSA. The Supplemental Security Income program provides critical financial assistance for individuals -- adults and children -- who have financial need due to a disability or blindness.

Dealing with discrimination against SSD income

Even though most New Jersey residents probably do not expect to become disabled, the reality is that a significant number of Americans will suffer some type of temporary or permanent disability that results in an inability to work at some point in their lives. When such an unexpected but devastating circumstance occurs, many New Jersey residents with a sufficient work history will be able to collect financial benefits through the Social Security disability system. For many people, these benefits can mean the difference between self-sustaining income during the duration of the disability and extreme poverty. However, receiving such benefits can complicate other things.

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