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We can help those suffering from a mental illness

Dealing with a mental illness can be very challenging and isolating. Despite improvements in mental health care over the years, the reality is that many people still do not understand mental illness. Many mental illnesses go unrecognized or undiagnosed. In other situations, people fail to understand how significantly a mental illness can affect one's ability to function day to day. Mental illness often has a profound impact on personal relationships, overall health, and even a person's ability to do their job.

Thankfully, the Social Security Administration recognizes that certain mental illnesses or disorders can result in a disability that limits one's ability to perform their job safely or accurately. The Social Security disability system is designed to provide critical income to disabled individuals who are unable to earn a gainful living as a result of their disability. Although most people probably think of injuries and illnesses that manifest themselves physically and obviously when they think of a qualifying condition, there are many qualifying mental conditions, as well.

Those who are struggling with a mental illness or disorder, do not hesitate to contact us for help. We can discuss an individual's particular situation and determine whether they have a mental or emotional disorder that may qualify them to receive benefits through the Social Security disability system.

Determining whether or not a person may have a qualifying mental condition is only the first step. They still must present an application to Social Security and document the condition and resulting disability. We can assist our clients through every step of this process. We are experienced with the process of applying for disability benefits and we understand what kind of documentation and evidence is most effective. Working with us to file for disability benefits can help remove some of the strain, so that our clients are free to focus on your health and well-being. For more information on how we can help, please visit our Mental Illness page.

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