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Many able-bodied and healthy people find it difficult to make ends meet even though they have full-time jobs. For disabled individuals whose disability prevents them from working, financial difficulties are even more common. Disabled individuals must struggle not only with having enough money to pay their monthly bills but often must bear additional medical costs associated with their disability. These medical costs make the need for financial assistance even greater.

If you are in this situation, you should not have to worry or struggle needlessly. In addition to providing retirement benefits, the Social Security system also provides disability benefits for various types of disabled individuals. While Social Security disability claims require a sufficient work history that resulted in contributions to the Social Security fund, the Supplemental Security Income system provides financial assistance and benefits to individuals who have never worked or have insufficient work history to be eligible for Social Security disability. Blind individuals or elderly people may also have viable SSI claims.

Even though receipt of these SSI benefits is crucial to the survival of many applicants, the process is difficult and complex. However, we can help you with navigating the process and presenting your claim. The first step is determining whether you qualify for SSI benefits. We can discuss your situation, review the medical evidence and consider your needs and limitations to assess your eligibility.

Once we determine that you may qualify for benefits, we can help you present your application to Social Security. Many initial claims are denied, but this does not have to be the case with your application. We understand the specific requirements, we know what the SSA is looking for, and we have experience in collecting the best evidence in support of your claim. Please visit our website if you are interested in filing a claim for SSI benefits and want our assistance.

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