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March 2015 Archives

Can I qualify for SSD if I have clinical depression?

Public education campaigns continue to increase awareness related to how significantly mental illness can affect a person's life. Clinical depression remains one of the more common diagnoses and can often result in a mental illness disability, even when a person receives adequate treatment. Although many people may not realize that mental illness can qualify a person to receive Social Security Disability benefits, many mental disorders, including depression, are listed in the SSD Blue Book.

Requirements and options for reporting wages for SSI benefits

The Supplemental Security Income program of the Social Security Administration provides financial benefits to qualifying individuals who are disabled and who have limited income. Because the program is contingent on income, however, recipients of SSI benefits who also work, or who have family members who work, must regularly report the wages earned each month. It is important to report wages consistently and accurately so that the benefits received from the SSI program are neither too large nor too small.

We can be your guide to the Social Security disability process

If you are suffering from a disability, you likely struggle every day in ways that other people can't even imagine. Finances may be a primary concern, especially if your disability results in significant medical expenses and limits your ability to work. If you are disabled and a resident of the Montclair and Essex County region, you may qualify for Social Security disability for injuries. Applying for benefits could be extremely beneficial for you and reduce some of your daily stress.

The process of applying for New Jersey Social Security disability

It is widely known that the federal government's Social Security Administration provides financial benefits for people with an inability to work due to a disability. For many people, Social Security disability benefits are critical to enable them to pay their bills and meet their day to day needs. In order to have the best chance of having an application for benefits approved, it is helpful to understand the determination process.

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