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April 2015 Archives

Assistance with applying for SSI benefits

The Social Security system has more elements that many people realize. In addition to retirement benefits, Social Security also provides disability benefits and SSI benefits. Although SSI benefits are also linked to having a disability, the eligibility requirements differ from standard disability benefits because there is no work requirement to qualify. Supplemental Security Income is available to people who suffer from blindness or a disability, as well as individuals over the age of 65 with limited income and resources.

Can back problems qualify for SSD?

Back problems are a common malady and some of the most common work-related injuries result in back pain. Back problems and severe back pain can cause significant health issues and impairment, limiting a person's ability to do a wide range of tasks. For this reason, many people dealing with serious back problems are unable to work. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain Social Security disability benefits for injury.

Presidential candidates may begin unveiling reforms for SSDI

Suffering an unexpected disability can wreak havoc on a person's life and financial stability. Even those who have solid savings often do not have sufficient funds to sustain themselves without work for more than a few months. Social Security disability is a safety net that protects many people from falling into severe poverty while they are unable to work due to a disability. Unfortunately, the politics surrounding Social Security disability and its future are quite contentious.

Evaluating a kidney disorder for Social Security Disability

March was Kidney Month so it is natural to consider whether kidney-related diseases can qualify a person to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Although many people think of disability benefits as existing primarily to aid those who suffer a disability from an injury or those who were always disabled, it is also possible -- and common -- to get Social Security Disability for illness, including diseases of the kidney.

How does one appeal after being denied Social Security?

When a person in New Jersey is suffering from issues that they believe make them eligible for Social Security disability benefits, it can be a significant letdown if they apply and receive a denial or of they were getting disability and the decision was made to conclude it. Being denied Social Security might lead one to believe that the process is over and there's no chance of receiving SSD benefits. That would be a mistake. There is an appeals process and there is a chance that the original decision might be overturned.

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