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Can living arrangements affect an application for SSI?

Previously, this blog has touched on various aspects of Supplemental Security Income or SSI, such as how it differs from Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI and what the basic requirements are to receive benefits. This week, this blog will discuss one aspect of an applicant's life that he or she might not think about much, but it may have an effect on how the Social Security Administration or SSA evaluates the application for benefits. This subject is the applicant's particular living situation.

The SSA's website describes a person's living arrangement as where you live and whether you live alone or with another person. The three basic living arrangements that the SSA looks at are whether you live in your own dwelling, in another a person's household or in an institutional or group setting. These are important because the agency will take into account how your living expenses are handled when deciding whether there should be a reduction in the benefits you would otherwise be eligible to receive.

So, if you are living in someone else's household and paying less than your 'fair share' of such expenses, or you live in your own home or someone else is paying the expenses, your benefit amount may be decreased. Likewise, if you are in an institutional setting, like a hospital or nursing home, and a program such as Medicaid pays over half your expenses, your benefit amount may be adjusted downwards.

One other important thing to know is that even if you have no address, you can still receive benefits. The SSA will make certain arrangements to pay out benefits to individuals who qualify, but may be homeless. Of course, one's living arrangements are only one of several factors that the administration will look at when determining one's eligibility for SSI. Anyone with questions about how his or her particular situation may affect an application for benefits may want to consider contacting an experienced New Jersey disability lawyer.

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