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What does the SSA look for in disability applications for cancer?

We've been hearing about the ill effects, potential causes of and possible cures for cancer for a couple generations now, at least. Unfortunately, the disease is still with us, and causing large human and financial damage in terms of lost lives and expensive medical treatments and procedures.

One major reason for this is the huge variation in types of cancer and the bodily systems it attacks, and the severity of the symptoms it causes. This variation is not just a problem for doctors, but also sometimes for those that are adjudicating disability cases, as cancer, depending on type and stage, may or may not have a great impact on a victim's ability to function.

According to the Social Security Administration's or SSA 'blue book,' there are a few factors it will take into account when assessing applications for disability benefits on the basis of cancer. The adjudicator will look at medically ascertainable evidence of the origin of the cancer, and its extent of involvement with the applicant's bodily systems.

Further, he or she should consider the anti-cancer measures being taken, and their frequency, duration, and the applicant's response to them. Lastly, the SSA will take into account any residual effects of the therapies being used. The specific listings in the 'blue book' will be applied based upon the specific site in the body that the cancer originated.

As anyone who has been through it or has had a loved one diagnosed with cancer can attest the treatments used to save the patient's life can sometimes cause symptoms that are more debilitating that than the original cancer caused. The effects of chemo and radiation therapy can take a devastating toll on a person's ability to function. Anyone who has questions about Social Security benefits for illness may want to consider talking with an experienced New Jersey disability attorney. This could provide individuals with general information regarding the options available and ways he or she could protect their rights and interests.

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