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What is the 'ticket to work' program for SSDI recipients?

While the purpose of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is to provide those who are unable to work due to a disabling medical condition some financial support, there are a wide variety of potentially disabling conditions with many varied effects. People in New Jersey with some conditions that are considered disabling may be able, with help, to return to work by getting additional training, services or equipment. Because it is in society's interest that people be self-sufficient when possible, the Social Security Administration has several programs to incentivize action in those who receive disability benefits but might be able to eventually return to work.

One of these is called the 'Ticket to Work' program. According to the SSA, anyone who is older than 18 and younger than 65 who received SSDI is eligible for the program. As the program is voluntary, the disability recipient would need to reach out to the SSA to get started. This can be done by phone or online. Basically, the program will connect the SSDI recipient with an employment network or vocational rehabilitation organization, where he or she may get training, job placement and other services with an eye toward being able to work again. As part of the program, the recipient and the chosen service provider will work together on creating goals for the disabled individual to meet within specific time periods. A person who is making timely progress in his or her program may avoid an SSA Continuing Disability Review as long as that person's 'ticket' was assigned to a service provider before receiving notice of a CDR.

While such incentive programs may help some people who are receiving disability benefits become more self-sufficient, they may not be right for everyone. People with questions about getting or maintaining eligibility for SSDI can contact the SSA or may wish to consider consulting an experienced New Jersey disability attorney.

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