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January 2016 Archives

What does the term 'ambulate' mean for SSDI applicants?

Significant injuries, whether sustained on the job or on one's own time, can often result in effects that limit one's ability continue to practice one's profession. This is especially true in those jobs where moving about and lifting and other physical tasks are involved. Therefore, any kind of injury to the musculoskeletal system that hampers the ability to move freely may interfere with a person's ability to earn a living.

ABLE bank accounts for disabled people become law in New Jersey

Last July, this blog reported the advancement of a bill out of committee in the New Jersey Legislature. This bill was the state's response to the passage and signing by President Obama in December 2014 of the "Achieving a Better Life Experience Act," also known as ABLE. The New Jersey bill was the state's way of implementing the requirements of the federal law. As of last week, that bill is now law in New Jersey.

What causes suspension of SSI benefits?

We have discussed the eligibility requirements for Supplemental Security Income several times in this space. In general, SSI exists to help blind or disabled people who have very limited financial means. Usually, these individuals have not logged enough employment hours to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. But once one is approved for SSI benefits, they are not guaranteed to continue forever. In fact, there are a few ways that people stop receiving SSI benefits.

Does liver disease qualify one for SSDI in New Jersey?

One of the most important of the organs in the human body is the liver. Without its filtering capacity, a person's blood may become septic, with predictably catastrophic results. It stands to reason then, that liver ailments are among the most serious of illness with which people have to contend. Regardless of the cause, the failure of the liver to work properly can cause anyone to become disabled. The Social Security Administration therefore has several categories of liver disease in its blue book that sets out ways to make a case that one's illness is disabling.

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