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Upper body injuries may qualify for SSD benefits in New Jersey

About a month ago, we discussed the term "ambulate" and what the Social Security Administration means when it talks about being able to ambulate effectively as it concerns applications for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. As you might remember, this had to do with being able to move the body around one's environment, which often had to do with a person's lower body, and might be affected by injuries to the feet, legs or pelvis. However, what range of mobility must people in New Jersey who suffer injuries to the upper portion of the body, say the fingers, hands or arms have to seek benefits?

As usual, there is a phrase used in the SSA's "Blue Book" that describes the kind of loss of function that the administration will use to determine whether an upper body injury may qualify one for benefits. This phrase concerns "fine and gross movements" and whether the applicant can perform them effectively. "Fine" and "gross" in this context mean "smaller" and "larger" movements respectively.

Basically, we are talking about losing function in both arms such that a person is not able to complete, sustain or initiate regular activities. To effective complete tasks necessary for daily life, people generally need to be able to use their arms and hands to pull, push, grasp, reach and manipulate various items and objects. Basically, if a person can't use his or her arms to effectively wash or complete other hygiene tasks, prepare a meal, sort papers or place files in cabinets at or above waist level, he or she may seek disability benefits.

Being seriously injured, whether on the job or off, can take a major toll on New Jersey residents' lives, physically, emotionally and financially. When such injuries prevent someone form working for an extended period of time, these problems may become acute. Those who have questions about qualifying SSD benefits for injury may consider discussing their case with a New Jersey disability attorney.

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