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What is an 'emergency advance payment' for SSI?

Most people, at one time or another, will face unexpected events, be they natural, medical or familial, that will create a situation in which they are required to spend more money than they had budgeted during a certain time period. Many people use credit cards or savings to get through these tough times. However, those New Jersey residents who are on a restricted income due to disability and have few assets in their names, may find that their lack of finances can threaten their very well-being.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a program that may apply to certain individuals who find themselves in this dire situation. Called an "emergency advance payment," it allows the SSA to make a one-time payment to people who should be receiving Supplemental Security Income, but who haven't received their payments or have had their payments delayed. To be eligible, the person must be eligible for SSI , must be due a payment and they must be facing a financial emergency, in which is individual needs the funds immediately to avoid a threat to his or her health or safety, such as not being able to afford, clothing, shelter, food or medical care.

The amount that SSA will pay may be the least of three possibilities. One involves the federal rate for the SSI benefit, as well as any state benefits that the federal government administers. The second is the total amount of the benefits that the person is due. Finally, there is the amount requested by the beneficiary. Remember, if approved, the payment will be whatever amount is the least of these three potential amounts.

It is to be hoped that one never has to deal with a situation where something like an emergency advance payment is necessary. However, because life is unpredictable, and people with limited economic means they tend to be affected by these unexpected events more harshly, it is good for people eligible for SSI in New Jersey to know that such an emergency advance payment may be sought.

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