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What documentation do I need to apply for SSI in New Jersey?

We often focus on Social Security Disability Insurance in this space. However, there are still many residents in New Jersey who may qualify for benefits through the Supplemental Security Income program.

As readers may remember, SSI is for people who are over 65 years of age, blind or disabled and have limited financial resources. They also have to be U.S. Citizens or in certain categories of legal aliens, and reside in the state. Individuals who want to apply for SSI benefits can do so through various local Social Security Administration offices.

One of the benefits of being granted SSI benefits is that the individual may also get medical coverage under the Medicaid program. But when filing an application for SSI benefits in New Jersey, what documents should an applicant have? The state Division of Developmental Disabilities publishes a brief list that can be used a guideline for residents seeking benefits. To apply, a prospective applicant should gather up documents such as his or her Social Security card, proof of age and proof of citizenship of legal status (a birth certificate would prove both age and citizenship, for example.) Importantly, an applicant should also have proof of his or her income and resources, such as pay stubs, if any, documents about bank accounts and or investments such as annuities of insurance policies and evidence regarding anything owned by the person. It is important to remember to have account numbers for any of these things that have them. Finally, if the application is made on the basis of disability or blindness, a list of names and phone numbers of doctors or other medical professional the individual has visited will be necessary.

As we have touched on before, being approved for SSI is not necessarily easy, as the eligibility requirements are fairly strict. New Jersey residents with questions about the process may want to consider speaking with a disability attorney.

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