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Social Security disability benefits for injuries require a team

This blog has discussed many aspects of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits following an injury. We've touched on filing deadlines, the structure of the process, the ways an applicant can appeal negative decisions and some of the "terms of art" that occur in the handling of such cases. Some New Jersey readers might have noticed by now that it is not only the applicant or the applicant's attorney who is involved in the case, but also the applicant's doctors and other health care professionals that treat the disabled individual.

While many New Jersey physicians and their staffs are aware of The Social Security Administration's (SSA) basic requirements and have dealt with terms like "Residual Functional Capacity" (RFC) and its components before, that is not their main focus. Moreover, patients don't want it to be. Health care professionals are there to help the patient heal and deliver the best treatment possible within their areas of specialization. While they can compile the reports needed by an SSDI applicant, they have other things to do. This is where a successful applicant can take a team approach to his or her application.

A Social Security disability attorney knows federal regulations, has seen many medical reports in prior cases and is aware of how the SSA evaluates them and what contents and organization style has the best opportunity to elicit a positive outcome. This may mean working with an applicant's doctor and his or her staff to have the proper language inserted in a report or to endure that enough test results are included to create the chance for a successful application. While the doctor will, of course, have the final say as to what the treatment for, and effects of, an injury may be, a lawyer can help present those finding in the best possible light to the SSA.

Individuals who have experienced serious injury are often in a lot of pain and have had their life routine completely disrupted. People in this position may not be their own best advocates as they concentrate on getting better and just getting through the tasks of daily life. New Jersey residents who may qualify for Social Security disability for injuries may want to follow the link to our website for more information.

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