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These four things could expedite your SSDI application

The question most people have when applying for SSDI benefits is: 'how long is this going to take?' Understandably, people who are applying for SSDI benefits are usually not in a position to wait long periods of time without income. Unfortunately, in most cases the SSDI claims process takes longer than most would care to wait. 

In a previous blog post, we explained that the average time it takes to get a hearing for an appeal in New Jersey is 17 months, which is two months longer than the national average. Obviously, a year and nearly a half is a long time to wait for a benefits decision. However, there are situations in which an SSDI claim can be put on a fast track. This can't happen in everybody's situation, but is possible in cases where there is greater need or urgency. These special circumstances are outlined below: 

  • Terminal illness. If you have a medical condition that is expected to result in death, your SSDI claim will be prioritized. 
  • Veteran status: Members of the military who suffered injuries on or after 10/1/2001 can receive faster handling for their claims. 
  • Illness: Having certain medical conditions that are clearly disabling can help move your claim to the top of the pile. 
  • Dire need: Those who struggle to maintain access to adequate food, shelter and medical care may have their claims expedited. 

A lawyer can help you to understand and provide the necessary evidence for your SSDI claim, and determine if you may be eligible to have your claim processed more quickly for one of the above reasons. 

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