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October 2016 Archives

What if you have multiple conditions that cause your disability?

Many people who need to apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits may think there is a specific set of illnesses or medical conditions that will ensure a positive determination by the Social Security Administration regarding an application for SSD benefits.

When CPI-W is no friend of those on SSD

Inflation is always a concern for anyone on a fixed income, like recipients of Social Security Disability. You receive a set amount of income every month and when inflation is present in the economy, it means that the dollar you received on January 1 is worth less than the dollar received 12 months later on December 31.

Does your medical condition qualify you for SSDI?

This might just be the most often asked question regarding whether a person is eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The problem is that even if your medical condition is not specifically on the Social Security Administration's (SSA) list, it might still be enough if it relates to another condition. Even if that is not the case, a New Jersey resident still may be able to qualify for benefits if the condition is a medically determinable impairment. Confusing, right?

ALJ credibility determination not credible, Pt.2

In our last post, we looked at a case where a federal court of appeals reversed an ALJ's determination that a worker applying for Social Security disability benefits was not disabled due to the credibility of statements she made about the pain she experienced.

ALJ credibility determination not credible, pt.1

When a Social Security Disability applicant has their claim denied, they can appeal that denial. The appeal goes to an Administrative Law Judge, who holds a hearing and reviews the documentary evidence from the claim. The ALJ follows a five-step process to review the claim and then makes his or her determination.

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