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What if you have multiple conditions that cause your disability?

Many people who need to apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits may think there is a specific set of illnesses or medical conditions that will ensure a positive determination by the Social Security Administration regarding an application for SSD benefits.

There is, to some degree, and they are listed within the Compassionate Allowance program. These conditions or illnesses are well-known in the medical literature and well-defined, often with very pronounced physical symptoms. Conditions like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Heart Disease or Lung Cancer present clear and obvious symptoms and can be identified by medical tests, such as X-rays, MRIs or blood tests.

If you have one of these conditions, your application will receive expedited processing, as SSA can quickly review the medical documentation and confirm the seriousness of your condition.

However, there is a wide array of ailments and impairments that can make working impossible and meet SSA's definition of disability that are not covered by the Compassionate Allowances.

You may suffer from one or two or even more impairments. This can make it complex when you submit your application for SSD benefits, because it may be the combination of all of these impairments that cause your disability, but if your application is lacking sufficient documentation for any one of the impairments, it may be denied.

This is why many applicants for SSD will seek legal assistance for their claim, as attorneys who help clients with SSD claims understand the process and procedure that an application will be subjected to and know how to build a strong argument for your disability claim, either during the initial stages or if you have been denied and need to appeal that denial.

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