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What will SSA need to know in an SSI application in New Jersey?

We often discuss different aspects of the Social Security Administration's disability programs in this blog. We generally focus on the Social Security Disability Insurance program because that is the framework under which most disabled New Jersey residents will be applying for benefits. However, the Supplemental Security Income program can be just as important for people who don't qualify for SSDI because of a lack of work history or inability to meet other requirements. As it has been some time since we looked at it, let's recall the basic information the SSA will need from an SSI applicant.

First, it is important to remember that some people who do not meet the definition of disabled may still qualify for SSI. This generally applies to individuals 65 years old or older who have limited incomes and resources. Regardless of the qualifying reason one files for SSI, there is some basic information one needs to be ready to give the SSA. This includes evidence of your basic income, and any assets or other resources you may have, such as other benefit checks, who you live with and how your bills are paid and your immigration status if you are not a U.S. Citizen.

Further, if the application for SSI is based upon a disability, the applicant will need to be ready to provide information regarding what the disability is, its severity, how long it has lasted and how it affects his or her daily living. In such cases, applicants should be ready to tell the SSA about their doctors, and to sign a release form giving the administration permission to request the applicant's medical records.

While SSI is the smaller of the two federal disability programs, the income it can provide may be the difference between being able to make ends meet and not for some people. Those with questions on the best way to qualify for social security disability may wish to consider contacting an experienced New Jersey attorney.

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