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How might a glandular disorder affect SSDI in New Jersey?

While there are some old jokes about glandular disorders, people who suffer from a problem with their endocrine systems know that such difficulties are no laughing matter. The endocrine system is a collection of glands that secrete various hormones that affect practically all of the processes the human body uses to maintain life. These include the pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid and adrenal glands, as well as the pancreas and the sex organs, such as the ovaries and testes. Dysfunction in any one of these glands can create numerous health problems that can affect the ability of an individual to perform daily tasks.

Probably the most well-known and pervasive of endocrine disorder is diabetes. This disease affects either the production of insulin or the ability of the body's cells to react to insulin, thus interfering with the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream. Conditions like this can lead to damage to tissue and nerves, as well as other complications, and can be life-threatening if not treated properly.

The difficult part of endocrine disorders with regard to filing for Social Security Disability Insurance is that such dysfunctions typically affect the functioning of other systems with a person's body. For example, thyroid problems might exhibit themselves as heart rhythm disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure), weight-loss or strokes. Because of this, the Social Security Administration will evaluate an SSDI petition based on endocrine disorders similarly to its evaluation of the bodily system that is affected.

The important thing for New Jersey residents to remember is that the condition must be expected to last longer than one year, and must be preventing the individual from engaging in substantial gainful activity. This is the definition of disability used by the SSA when deciding upon benefits for social security disability for illness. Those with questions may wish to consider seeking out an experienced disability attorney.

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