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Social Security Disability covers non-work injuries also

New Jersey residents are likely aware that people who are injured on the job have a couple options available to them. Workers' compensation will often help with medical bills and other expenses while an individual is recuperating from such an incident. However, this is often temporary and short-lived. Social Security Disability Insurance on the other hand, can provide an income for an injury that causes one to miss work for an extended period of time.

SSDI, however, is not restricted to work-related injuries. As long as an individual meets the requirements for eligibility, such as having a disability that is expected to last more than a year, and having paid into the system through payroll deduction in the past, any injury that prevents a person from working could be covered. The most common example might be a motor vehicle accident. Regardless of the context of the accident, or who was at fault, if there is a medically provable injury that prevents one from engaging in substantial gainful activity, SSDI may be available.

These benefits also cover things other than obvious injuries. Broken bones and amputations may be easy to see, but are not the only injuries that can cause disability. As we have previously noted, some of the most common injuries that people receive disability benefits for are things related to connective tissue, which may not be readily apparent, and which may or may not have occurred at work.

Under federal regulations, anyone who can prove that he or she is unable to work due to a disability that meets the requirements can be eligible for SSDI. However, the Social Security Administration does not always approve applications immediately. It is important to know what they are looking for, and how to proceed if an application is denied. An experienced New Jersey disability attorney may be able to help people who need social security disability due to injury.

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