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SSDI can be an important financial tool for New Jersey residents

When most New Jersey residents think about people who are disabled, they likely picture people unable to walk or care for themselves at all. They probably do not think of people such as themselves, with jobs and hobbies and active lives. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that health problems can happen to anyone at any time, whether they are injuries suffered in an automobile accident, an unexpected cancer diagnosis, or a medical event such as a stroke or heart attack. When these things happen, and individuals are unable to continue to do their jobs, they may be looking around for a way to get by while they heal or go through treatment. It is important for people to remember that Social Security Disability Insurance can be an important tool to use to get through a difficult time without destroying their financial futures.

People who have been working have almost certainly paid into the Social Security Disability fund through deductions from their payroll checks. This means that, like with private insurance, workers have been paying the premiums for this type of public disability insurance. It only makes sense that those New Jersey residents who need it and meet the eligibility requirements should take advantage of what they have paid for.

Rather than raiding other financial instruments, such as retirement plans or investment accounts that are meant to do something else, receiving SSDI will not affect a person's future financial security. SSDI also need not be a permanent solution. As long as one meets the other eligibility requirement and has a condition that has lasted or is expected to last more than one year, he or she may be able to receive a monthly income and access to health care. Once the individual is able to work once again, he or she may do so without fear that his or her future financial security has been jeopardized.

While the requirements to qualify for SSDI are stringent, it may pay off in the long run for people who are unable to work for any lengthy period to look into their eligibility for this program they have already paid for. Those with questions about how such a program works may wish to consider speaking with an experienced New Jersey disability attorney.

Source:, "Money Talk: When bad health hits, look to this financial tool," Nov. 26, 2016

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