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A few simple tricks to help you deal with your anxiety

We all know of the inherent stresses associated with the holidays. The cold and dark New Jersey winters, the planning and scheduling of parties, dinners, and social events surrounding the holidays. Visiting family, family visiting you. Presents. The list goes on.

And it doesn't end once the holiday's end. It's still cold, and icy, and dark. And now the bills start rolling in from the previous month. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression or anxiety attacks, these can be especially stressful times. Here are a few ways to help deal with and try to alienate the anxiety in your life.

Prioritize your stresses. Rank them. Literally write down all that is stressing you, and rank it. This way you'll have a visual understanding of what is most important and what needs to be addressed first, second, and down the line. Sweating the small stuff can often lead to unnecessary and unwanted extra anxiety.

Put your stresses aside. If you are enjoying a quiet dinner with your spouse, or you're watching a movie with your kids and stress pops in your mind, try to shield it away, and set a time in the future to deal with it.

If you are burdened with a large task, break it down into smaller projects to accomplish one at a time. If you take care of the small hurdles one at a time, the big picture and the tall mountain you must scale just seems like small steps, one at a time.

Mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks can be severe, and can limit one's ability to maintain gainful employment. Thankfully there are Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions available to provide financial help why you deal with your disabilities.

Source: Huffington Post, "7 Psychiatrist-Backed Tips To Help You Manage Anxiety," By Allison Fox, Jan. 2, 2017

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