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Drowsy driving is the cause of many serious car accidents

When we think of distracted driving, a few things often come to mind - texting or talking on the phone while driving, eating while driving, fumbling with the radio, etc. Taking your eye off the road for even a second can be the difference between hitting the brakes or swerving away, and causing an accident. One thing that often overlooked however, is drowsy driving.

Drowsy driving is a serious concern and major cause of accidents in the United States. Whether you are finishing a long shift at work, on an extended road trip trying to get to the next hotel a few exits away, just did not get the right amount of sleep the night before, or you are a truck driver trying to extend your shift to get those extra miles, drowsy driving is a real problem.

According to statistics provided by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 72 thousand crashes, 44 thousand injuries and 800 deaths could be attributed to drowsy driving in 2013 alone.

Motor vehicle accidents often lead to serious injuries including back, neck and brain injuries, often requiring long-term care and significant costs including rehabilitation costs and medical expenses. The Social Security Administration has two disability insurance programs designed to help offset the financial losses of not working for a year or longer while recovering from serious car accidents that led to long term disabilities. If you were injured in an automobile accident and believe you may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries, you may want to speak with a law professional to learn about the programs and see if you qualify.

Source: CDC, "Drowsy Driving: Asleep at the Wheel", Accessed on Jan. 9, 2017

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