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New Jersey cancer sufferers should not forget about SSDI

Cancer. The word itself is enough to create stress in most New Jersey residents. At this point, it is unlikely that many adults reading this do not know someone that has been affected by the disease. While diagnosis and treatment has come a long way over the last decades, and continues to advance, it is also true that in many cases, there is no easy road to recovery, and the treatments can sometimes be as debilitating as the illness itself.

We've discussed previously how the Social Security Administration is likely to evaluate cancer patients who apply for illness-based Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The adjudicators will take into account not only the effects that the type of cancer has on an applicant, but also what the course of treatment may be doing to him or her as well. Because chemotherapy can cause even the strongest individuals to be disabled for some time, cancer patients may qualify for benefits as long as they meet the basic requirements.

It is important that those with this disease do not undersell their symptoms in this area. There has emerged a sort of 'cult of strength' around cancer patients that lionizes optimism, perseverance and shows of strength in the face of an implacable disease. While these qualities may be essential to the individual's mental state and ability to fight the illness, an SSDI application is not the place for them. These applications require a realistic assessment of the consequences of cancer and its treatment, and a brave face is not necessary, and could be detrimental.

For this reason, it may be a good idea for disability applicants in New Jersey to look for an objective source to aid them with their applications. Experienced disability attorneys have handled many different cases, and have created the narratives necessary to enable their clients to receive the benefits they deserve. More importantly, having a professional handle the application for SSDI can free up the emotional and mental resources of a patient to do the most important thing: beat the cancer.

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