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Social Security Administration working to cut costs

Over the past year, the Social Security Administration has taken strides to reach out to more Americans by maintaining an active social media presence including an account on Facebook and Twitter, and regularly reaching out through their blog, Social Security Matters.

In a recent blog post, they discussed their efforts to fulfill the needs of Americans, and the hurdles that come along with the process. Last year, the United States congress failed to update the operating costs for the administration, which forced them to work under a continuing resolution, which has less funding available than the previous year. While they have been able to cut costs by minimizing paper statements sent out each year and offering online resources, they still have some tough hurdles to fill. The administration has fewer than 64 thousand employees to handle all the transactions, which may have led to delays in processing disability claims. Congress has until April, 2017 to come up with a spending bill for the upcoming year. Despite these hurdles, the administration will save over $11.3 million in costs with their online resources and assures all Americans they will work as best they can to continue to serve those in need.

Among the many programs offered by the Social Security Administration is the Social Security Disability Insurance program. This program is designed to help United States workers who are suffering from a significant injury, illness, or mental condition that is keeping them out of work and is expected to last at least a year or end in death.

Their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is funded by payroll taxes taken out each pay period from U.S. workers. This includes both the Federal Insurance Contributions Act and Self-Employed Contributions Act taxes.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Value,", By Doug Walker, Jan. 9, 2017

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