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What are requirements for securing supplemental security income?

Supplemental security income, otherwise known as SSI, is federal aid for individuals who suffer from disabilities. Montclair residents who have limited means of earning money for themselves and who must endure illnesses and injuries may qualify for this federal assistance. This post will very generally discuss the requirements a person must meet in order to be considered for SSI; individuals who wish to learn more about their particular chances of qualifying may wish to consult with Social Security disability attorneys in their geographic areas.

The eligibility requirements for SSI are relatively straightforward. First, an applicant generally must be at least 65 years old in order to pursue SSI. There are situations where a younger person may qualify, but those case-specific scenarios should be discussed with the interest parties' legal representatives.

Second, an applicant generally must suffer from a disability in order to qualify. Blindness also may qualify an applicant who applies for SSI through the Social Security Administration.

Finally, an applicant may not have the capacity to earn significant income or hold many assets in his name in order to qualify for SSI. SSI benefits are for people who struggle to make ends meet, and individuals who can make their own money or live off of the assets that they own may not exhibit the same level of needs as disabled individuals who cannot support themselves.

There are several ways that a person may begin the application process for supplemental security income. If he meets the age requirements, has a disability and limited means of supporting himself, then he may have a good case for receiving SSI benefits. Individuals who wish to learn more about the SSI application process, exceptions to the discussed requirements and other SSI-related inquiries are encouraged to speak with their Social Security disability lawyers.

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