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What is the age-18 redetermination for SSI benefits?

New Jersey recipients of Supplemental Security Income under the Social Security disability program must be aware of the various rules that apply to the benefits. In particular, those who have gotten SSI-related benefits while under the age of 18 should know about the age-18 redetermination. When the clamant turns 18, the case will be reviewed to determine whether the benefits should continue. Rather than being judged on juvenile eligibility, the person will be subject to the rules for adults.

When there is a medical review for those who fall into this category, a letter will be sent by the Social Security Administration to request more information about the disability. The information the SSA will request includes: medicines the claimant is taking; any stays in the hospital or surgeries; visits to medical professionals and facilities; work activity; visits to a counselor or therapist; any schools, special classes or tutors; and teachers and counselors who are aware of the person's condition.

It will be decided by doctors and other trained professionals as to whether the rules for SSI recipients are met for an adult. Statistically, approximately one-third of juveniles will lose their eligibility for SSI-related benefits when they turn 18 and their case is subject to redetermination. When the decision is made, the SSA will inform the claimant. Claimants will also have the chance to appeal if they lose their benefits. This must be done in writing within 60 days from the date the letter from the SSA was received. If the appeal is filed within 10 days, the claimant can ask that the SSI payments continue while the appeal moves forward.

Disabled individuals who are receiving SSI as juveniles might not know that they will be subject to a redetermination when they turn 18. This can be a troublesome time since the benefits can stop. For help with this situation, a legal professional experienced in helping clients with SSI benefits can help with the age-18 redetermination or any other disability issue that arises.

Source:, "What You Need to Know About Your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) When You Turn 18," accessed on Jan. 16, 2017

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