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Social Security Disability Insurance for hemophilia

Hemophilia, once described as the 'disease of kings,' is characterized by a person's blood having insufficient clotting ability. This means that a person with the condition may be in danger of excessive blood loss even from minor perforations of the skin's protective barrier. It is also only one of several potential blood clotting disorders that can befall people, either due to genetics, or acquired due to some other complication. Such individuals may have difficulty working due to the effects of their conditions.

The Social Security Administration recognizes this fact and has set out some guidance on how it approaches applications for Social Security Disability Insurance based on such disorders. First, as usual, the condition needs to be expected to last at least a year, and its existence will need to be documented by adequate lab reports of blood testing and diagnosis by a physician.

To meet the criteria listed in the blue book, one's clotting disorder must have led to complications requiring at least 48 hours of hospitalization three separate times within one year prior to the adjudication of the application for benefits. These hospitalization periods need to have been at least 30 days apart. The SSA will consider surgery one of these complications even if the surgery itself is not directly due to the blood condition as long as the surgery required that the individual be treated with clotting factors or medication as a result.

Again, as with most SSDI claims, a person must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity to be eligible for benefits, so evidence regarding the effect any pain, fatigue or malaise caused by the disease has on an applicant's professional and social functioning may be helpful. For those with questions about a claim for Social Security disability for illness, it may be wise to consider consulting an experienced New Jersey disability attorney.

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