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Can one receive social security disability for lupus?

There are many things that affect people's lives in New Jersey. People's families, their jobs, the activities they are involved in and other factors affect how one's life plays out. Another thing that has a major effect on one's life is their health. If people are having health problems, it can limit what they can do. Sometimes it is an illness and sometimes it could be an injury. Also, sometimes it is a short term problem while other times it can long-term or permanent.

One type of illness that is a long-term which can really change the way a person lives their life is lupus. It is a chronic inflammatory disease, which can cause severe fever, weight loss, respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, skin problems, hematologic, neurologic, mental issues, immune system disorders and others. One may not experience all of these problems, but can experience a combination of many of them, making daily life difficult.

People who suffer from lupus may be eligible for social security disability benefits if the disease makes it hard to work. In order to qualify, the person must provide medical history, physical examinations and lab results which demonstrate that the person suffers from the disease. Most medical diagnosis for lupus will meet the definition provided by the American College of Rheumatology, which is the definition the Social Security Administration uses when making a determination about whether the person is eligible for benefits for their lupus.

Lupus can be a very debilitating disease and many people in New Jersey suffer from the disorder. People who suffer from it, may not be able to work because of the symptoms. If this is the case, it can make life even more difficult, but they may be able to receive social security disability benefits to help with their financial obligations. It is important to understand the definitions for lupus to ensure they receive the benefits they may need. Experienced attorneys understand the process and may be able to guide one through the process.

Source: Social Security Administration, "Disability Evaluation under Social Security - 14.00 Immune System Disorders - Adults" accessed on March 13, 2017

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