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Helping you navigate the SSD benefits for injuries process

Accidents are an unfortunate part of life. These unexpected events can sometimes leave victims significantly harmed, thus, altering life as they know it. Suffering a disabling injury is never expected, making it an event that many New Jersey residents are not prepared for. But when an individual is unable to work due to an injury, he or she has options with regards to Social Security disability.

Social Security Disability Insurance acts in some ways like an insurance policy because workers pay into it much like they would pay a premium. The program benefits anyone who has worked, contributed to the system and has obtained enough credits to qualify for SSD benefits.

At Levine Law, LLC, our law firm is dedicated to helping injured individuals unable to work obtain the benefits he or she deserves. The application process, although it seems straightforward, can be rather lengthy and complex. Thus, our experienced attorneys have the skills and knowledge to guide our clients successfully through the process.

In order to qualify for SSD benefits, an applicant must meet certain requirements. Our attorneys can help you collect the necessary documents needed to evidence that you are suffering a disabling injury that qualifies your for SSD benefits. Unfortunately, many initial applications are denied. Applicants should not let this deter them, because applicants are afforded the right to appeal the decision. We have assisted past clients successfully complete the appeals process.

To learn more, check out our law firm's SSD benefits for injuries webpage. Whether you are considering SSD benefits, are currently in the application process or have had your application denied, it is important to understand your rights and options. This will ensure your rights are protected and you obtain the benefits you qualify for.

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