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How spinal cord injuries can change one's life

People in New Jersey have accidents or make mistakes almost every day. Many of these mistakes and accidents are rather harmless though and do not have a very large impact on one's life. There may be some minor inconveniences and irritations, but life moves one fairly normal. However, sometimes these mistakes or accidents have major impacts on one's life. Sometimes they lead to injuries, which sometimes can completely change the person's life.

One of these types of injuries is a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord is vital for many normal functions that people easily take for granted. The spinal cord sends the signals from the brain to where they need to go. However, if the spinal cord is injured those signals do not get to the destination and the action does not occur.

Spinal cord injuries are either complete or incomplete. Complete injury means the person has no feeling or ability to control the body parts or functions below where the spinal cord injury occurs. An incomplete spinal cord injuries means that person has some movement or control over their body parts.

People with spinal cord injuries also usually have quadriplegia, meaning it affects most things below the neck, and paraplegia, which affects the waist down generally. These injuries cause a lack of movement, loss of bladder control, loss of feeling, difficulty breathing and many other issues. Due to all these medical issues, working can become impossible for many people as well.

Many people in New Jersey have spinal cord injuries who are unable to move or control their body parts much less work. Without an income, meeting financial needs becomes very difficult. People who have suffered these injuries may be able to receive social security disability benefits for injuries. These benefits can be extremely valuable for those who have suffered these injuries. It is important to understand what benefits people may be able to receive and the process of how to receive these benefits.

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