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New Jersey transit has the most accidents in the U.S.

People get in cars, trains, buses every day. This can be to go to work, the grocery store, see friends and family and many other reasons. People assume that they will get to where they are going safely, and generally, they are safe. However, this is not always the case. The severity of the accidents definitely varies, but some cause life-changing injuries.

A recent study revealed that the New Jersey Transit actually had the most accidents last year among U.S. cities with commuter railroads. This was highlighted by the major accident in Hoboken.

Obviously, when trains get in accidents, they can cause significant damage and significant injuries. This is because of the size difference between a train and most things that they get in accidents with on the roads.

Some of the injuries are also permanent, which may completely change a person's life. If they are unable to work, their life becomes difficult. People who suffer these types of life changing injuries may be able to receive the Social Security Disability benefits for these injuries though.

As the report indicates, there are many train accidents in New Jersey, but there are also many other types of accidents that lead to significant injuries. These injuries change people's lives and can be something they will deal with for the rest of their lives.

These people may not be able to work, but they may be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits to help pay for their financial obligations. This can be a complicated process, and it is important to make sure the application is filled out correctly to ensure one receives the proper benefits.

Source:, "New Jersey Transit logs most accidents among U.S. commuter railroads," Elise Young, March 13, 2017

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