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Social Security Disability for those who suffer from seizures

People in New Jersey need money to pay for food, clothing and shelter. Most people are able to earn the money through various forms of employment. They rely on these jobs to ensure that they are able to meet their family's needs. However, not everyone is able to work. Sometimes, it is for a short period, due to an injury suffered by the worker. But, many other people have permanent physical conditions that prevent them from working.

One of these types of conditions is epilepsy or another type of seizure disorder. To assist people who suffer from these types of conditions, one can receive money through Social Security Disability. Though, before one receives Social Security Disability for seizures, certain requirements must be met.

It cannot simply be that a person suffered one seizure. People have to establish that they suffer from one of two types of seizures: either generalized tonic-clonic seizures or dyscognitive seizures. The person must suffer one of these seizures at least once a month for three consecutive months, while on medication. Alternatively, once every two months for at least four consecutive months, while on medication, with limitations in physical functioning, understanding and remembering, interacting with others, concentrating, adapting or managing oneself.

Those who suffer from epilepsy or other seizures know the difficulties the seizures cause to their daily lives. Some are not able to work because of these conditions, which makes it difficult to meet one's needs. These people may be able to receive Social Security Disability though. Experienced attorneys understand the requirements and may be able to guide one through the process.

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