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SSD programs promoting recipients to return to work

Being unable to work because of a disability is a difficult predicament for New Jersey residents to be in. Whether the disability occurred because of a work accident, car accident or a serious illness, a disability can impact a person's life tremendously if he or she is unable to work and make a living. While Social Security Disability benefits are available to those eligible for SSDI, it is clear that the U.S. is facing problems when it comes to meeting the growing needs of applicants.

As recent reports indicate, the United States is facing a social and fiscal crisis, as millions of Americans currently in their primes working age do not have jobs. And to top it off, federal disability programs have been impacted tremendously, causing the cost to skyrocket.

One solution to this problem is to reassess whether or not a recipient is unable to work. And if it is determined a recipient can now work, he or she will be moved into a job. While some might think that this is an unrealistic goal; however, taking such measures in 1996 with the welfare-to-work program caused welfare to decrease by more than 60 percent.

Based on recent statistics, roughly 9 million people in the U.S. receive disability benefits today; however, around 3 million in 1990 received benefits. This massive increase occurred despite improvements in medical management of major ailments that tend to result in disabilities.

While disability programs are complex, it is possible to put an aim on rolling as many people as possible back into the workforce and keep them there. By providing the opportunity and dignity to work, we can break the cycle of growing applicants for disability while many remain within the program.

Although the focus is to get those able to work back to working, it is still possible for a disability to cause an individual to be unable to work for several years or even a lifetime. Therefore, it is still imperative that this applicant receives SSD benefits. Whether you are filing an initial application, filing an appeal for denied benefits or attempting to transition back to work, it is important to understand the rights afforded to you.

Source: Bloomberg, "U.S. Disability Programs Need a Work Requirement," Peter Cove, March 10, 2017

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