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Helping people receive needed Social Security Disability benefits

When people in New Jersey are injured or become ill, the first focus is usually on getting better. However, some injuries and illnesses will take a long time before they heal and some of them can be permanent. Depending on the type of injury or illness, it may end up preventing the person from being able to work. Then, the focus may turn to the person's finances and trying to figure out how they will continue to meet their monthly obligations, while they are unable to work.

There are various ways to obtain economic assistance, depending on how and what caused the injury or illness. One of these options is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Many people may think that only people who are retired can get Social Security. But, as long as the person has been working and contributing to Social Security, they may be able to receive SSDI for injuries and illnesses as well.

There are certain requirements, though. The most basic requirements are that the injury or illness must be a qualifying injury or illness that lasts for at least a year. There is then a lengthy application process, and the person needs documentation from medical professionals confirming the person's injury or illness and how it limits the person's ability to do daily tasks.

After an application is completed, the Social Security Administration will determine if the person is entitled to the benefits. If the application is denied, it is not the end of the line. The person can appeal the decision and may receive benefits after the appeal.

Many people in New Jersey suffer from long-term injuries and illnesses and may qualify for SSDI benefits. Many may not understand their options though, or how to complete the application. Others may have their initial application denied. At our firm, we handle many SSDI cases and have guided many through the entire process. For more information on how we handle these matters, please visit our SSDI and SSI page on our website

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