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How can the government help those suffering from anxiety?

Not all mental conditions are obvious. Many individuals in New Jersey suffer from a wide variety of mental conditions silently. While you cannot always see these debilitating conditions on the outside, those suffering from anxiety and depression are often dealing with a world of problems on the inside. These conditions can make it challenging to live a normal life or even hold down a job. Thus, those suffering from mental conditions such as anxiety and depression struggle to meet their basic needs because they are unable to work.

How can the government help those suffering from anxiety and depression? The government has two programs designed to help those suffering from disabling mental health issues and other disabilities. Depending on the requirements an applicant meets, he or she could qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income.

Those who administer these government programs understand that recovery is a possibility when it comes to mental health conditions; however, they are also aware that regression is possible as well. Thus, the severity of many sufferers' mental health conditions varies from day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month. Therefore, it is important to document these changes and when the condition prevents an individual from working.

Even if progress is made and a SSD benefits recipient returns to work, the government understands that regressions could still occur. In these cases, disability can be reinstated, preventing the need to go through the yearlong process to reapply to benefits.

Dealing with a mental health condition, such as anxiety, can be a difficult time for individuals. Even when medical treatment is ongoing, this does not always prevent the condition from be debilitating. Thus, individuals suffering from this and other mental health conditions should take the time to know their rights and options.

Source:, "How the Government Can Help People With Mental Health Issues," Becky Oberg, accessed April 12, 2017

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