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What determines the amount of one's SSD payments?

Living with a disability is not easy. This is why many residents in New Jersey and other states across the nation take the time to apply for Social Security disability. If you have suffered a debilitating injury die to a work accident, it is possible to go through the SSDI program in order to receive disability benefits.

When an application has been approved, there are a few important factors individuals should keep in mind. To begin, the first benefit will be paid for the sixth full months after the date the SSA found that an applicant's disability began. Additionally, disability benefits are paid in the month following the month that they are due. For example, if they were due in January, they would be paid in February.

Next, SSD benefits recipients should understand what factors could impact the amount they will be paid each month. These monthly payments are based on the recipient's lifetime average earnings. If an applicant is receiving other government benefits, such as workers' comp, public disability benefits or pensions that are based on work not covered by Social Security, his or her benefits could be reduced.

If an applicant suffered a work-related injury, it is likely that he or she is receiving workers' compensation. In these cases, it is likely that the benefits received from this program will be taken into consideration when determining the amount of SSD benefits to pay an applicant. In the end, this should not prevent an applicant from obtaining the resources they need; however, if workers' comp benefits do stop, it is important to inform the SSA of these changes.

Receiving SSD benefits is often necessary for those suffering from a disabling injury. While these benefits are essential to their health and wellbeing, this does not always mean that an applicant will be approved. In order to understand whether you qualify for SSD benefits or what additional steps you need to take in the process, it is important to take the time to become informed and gain advice when necessary.

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