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May 2017 Archives

Determining eligibility for SSDI for cancer

Cancer affects many people in New Jersey. There are many different types of cancer and many different groups raising money for research to attempt to find a cure. While a cure has not been found yet, treatment has improved and people can end up beating cancer or living for a long time with it. However, their life might be quite different while they are undergoing treatment or after a surgery.

Mental conditions that can arise after a traumatic brain injury

Some unexpected injuries can completely change a person's life. One of these types of injuries is a traumatic brain injury, also known as "TBI." Not only can these injuries require expensive hospital stays, they also can require months or even years of therapy. Sometimes, the people will be dealing with the effects for the rest of their lives.

Fibromyalgia may keep you from working, but you have options

Thousands of Americans deal with the chronic and debilitating pain caused by fibromyalgia, and you may be one of them. In fact, your condition could be severe enough to keep you from working or severely limit your ability to participate in everyday activities, including doing certain aspects of your job. 

Many people are injured on the job in New Jersey each year

Whether they like their jobs or not, most people need their jobs to earn income and provide for their families' needs. If a person lost their job or suffered an injury at work, it could put them in a very difficult situation economically, especially if it is a long-term injury.

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