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March 2014 Archives

Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability around the world

Although our blog really only talks about disability in New Jersey and the United States, countries all over the world have their own populations of people with disabilities. Some countries have disability benefits that are similar to ours, but others have vastly different or no benefits at all. What is interesting, however, is that low back pain is a leading cause of disability around the world. When compared to 290 other conditions, low back pain was the number one condition for years lost to disability.

Social Security Administration wants all medical information

When someone applies for Social Security disability insurance benefits, it is important to put together a complete application or the applicant could find him- or herself joining the long wait to appeal an unfavorable decision. Many people turn to their disability lawyers for guidance on what information needs to be provided, but lawyers are also able to tell an applicant what is not relevant and what does not need to be included. It is not that these parts of someone's medical record show that the individual is lying or dishonest, just that it would have no bearing on his or her chances of getting disability benefits.

Severe birth injuries may require Supplemental Security Income

For many women in Jersey City, the day they go into labor is one of the best days of their lives; not, of course, for the actual labor itself, but because that is the day that their children are born. Having a child is a wonderful experience, but for women whose children are born with birth injuries or defects, it can be the start of a difficult journey.

Genes may help determine an individual's post-brain injury care

When someone in Montclair suffers a brain injury, it is often a while before the doctors can tell if the individual will be able to recover, or if he or she will have some permanent damage. Even then, doctors may not know just how much the individual will be affected by his or her injuries. It is only a matter of time before physicians will know if the patient can return to work or if he or she should apply for disability benefits.

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